Patterns of Commoning

As part of the P2P Foundation’s series on the 100 Women Who Are Co-Creating the P2P Society, Michel Bauwens interviews me on my work in the commons, and my collaboration with David Bollier on Patterns of Commoning. Bauwens: Silke, could you first give some background about yourself and your collaboration with David Bollier in editing […]

Great Commoner’s Mind in US TV

Thom Hartmann Gives the Commons Some Rare National Visibility, writes my fellow commoner David Bollier, and he goes on: „Yesterday evening, Thom Hartmann, the progressive talk show host, interviewed me on his „Conversations with Great Minds“ national TV show.  The first 12-minute video segment can be seen here, and the second one here. [update Oct.1.]: […]

Die Welt der Commons. In einer Welt des Terrors?

[Im Folgenden dokumentiere ich die Rede, die ich anlässlich unserer Buchvorstellung in der Heinrich Böll Stiftung, am  19. November 2015 in Berlin in etwas kürzerer Fassung gehalten habe. Sie ist durch zahlreiche Links ergänzt. Wer lieber hören und die bemerkenswerte Reaktion von Prof. Claus Leggewie mitbekommen möchte, kann das eingebettete Video anklicken; C. Leggewie spricht […]

Imagining the (R)Urban Commons in 2040

I was delighted to give a key-note talk at the First IASC Thematic Urban Commons Conference last week in Bologna. Here are my speech and the slides. The most beautiful ones were produced by Nikolas Kichler. ******** In 2040, one generation from now, I will be more than 70 years old and hopefully surrounded by […]

Patterns of Commoning is now published

[repost with minor edits] After two years of working with more than 50 contributors, David Bollier and I are pleased to announce that Patterns of Commoning is now also available in the English edition. [The German one was published 3 weeks ago. You can learn more about the German edition and download an epub version here.]  […]

Commons als Zukunftsprojekt – eine Strategieerklärung

Commoners sind keine Soldat_innen. Deshalb geht mir die Frage nach der „Strategie“ mitunter gehörig auf die Nerven. Wenn ich sehr genervt bin, sag‘ ich schon mal: „Die beste Strategie ist, keine Strategie zu haben, was auch eine Strategie ist.“ Das hält uns nämlich wach, genau das zu tun, was sich unter stets ändernden Bedingungen jeweils […]

A New Alignment of Movements?

by David Bollier (repost)  In September 2014, the Commons Strategies Group convened a three-day workshop in Meissen, Germany, of 25 policy advocates and activists from a variety of different economic and social movements.  The topic of the „deep dive“:  Can leading alt-economic and social movements find ways to work more closely together?  Can there be […]